Ultimate Support IQ2000 Double-Braced Keyboard StandThe IQ-2000 Accommodates up to 3 Keyboards by adding two IQT-200 tiers. Convenient memory locks allow you to set the stand to one of four positions and open the stand to your choice every time. Stabilize the stand on uneven surfaces with adjustable endcaps. This study double-braced stand includes a durable finish to put up with plenty of abuse.
Price: $69.95 Buy now!

Auralex LENRD Bass TrapsA triangular shaped, irregularly wedge-cut piece of Studiofoam that gives superior broadband acoustic absorption, but especially at low frequencies, and fits perfectly into your room’s corners. LENRD Bass Traps are quite simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to control excess low frequency energy without sacrificing large amounts of cubic space. These specially formulated acoustic foam bass traps have virtually no competition and famous studio designers love ‘em. You should pick up some LENRD Bass Traps today!
Price: $279.00 Buy now!

World Tour SXBN Deluxe Keyboard BenchWorld Tour’s Deluxe Keyboard Bench boasts a large 12 x 17 in. seating
Price: $27.95 Buy now!

Fender PD150PLUS Passport Deluxe Portable PA with Built-In CD PlayerFollowing in the footsteps of the PD-250, the PD-150 PLUS is a smaller and more portable version with a built-in CD-player. The PD-150 PLUS features a four channel mixer, 150-Watt stereo amp and a specialized DSA speaker design. Weighing just 33 lbs., the PD-150 Plus is excellent for small presentations, school, church programs and aerobics.
Price: $599.99 Buy now!

Shure A98D Drum Microphone Mount For Beta98 And SM98AThis microphone drum mount for Beta 98 and SM98A microphones features a gooseneck adapter for flexible positioning.
Price: $54.95 Buy now!

AKG D5 Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld MicrophoneThe D 5 dynamic vocal microphone for lead and backing vocals delivers a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback. The D 5 stands for a crisp sound that cuts through every mix.
Price: $99.00 Buy now!

User Reviews:
It’s a basic dynamic mic so not much in the features dept.

Again, this rating is for a $100 mic, I think these are made in China, but they seem pretty sturdy, I’ve had one of my D5s for at least 2 years or so, no problems, still sounds great.

Great mic for the money

I think it’s a nice looking mic, has a good heft to it, so those things add to its “sex appeal”.

This is a beautiful mic for the money, open, airy. I own three and am planning to buy a couple more, I’ve replaced the Shures I was using for stage mics. Everybody sounds better through these.

Ease of Use:
Even singers with less than mic technique seem to do well with the D5 (it picks up sound well from a distance, very sensitive).

I feel like I have found my mic and I’ve been a musician for 25+ years.

Cannon Percussion Cymbal Stand Wing NutThese Cannon Cymbal Stand Wing Nuts are Extra Large metal metric wing nuts that fit most imported stands. The 8mm fits larger Pearl and Yamaha stands.
Price: $6.95 Buy now!

Ultimate TS90 Speaker Stand with TeleLockAluminum tubing and high tech finishes make for a durable, dependable, and lightweight tripod.
Price: $99.95 Buy now!

User Reviews:
As of NOW I only use these speaker stands.Great for those whom load own gear.Adjustmants can be made quick and safely.

Superb quality and look.strong yet light weight

Price is reasonable for such a speaker stand.

Even bofore I bought a pair no otherstand even attracted myinterest after seeing these!

Sound? Well they are sturdy so they don’t give off any annoyingvibrations while your PA is pounding.

Support i have never needed yet so I can’t give infoon this.

Being a moble/rave dj and accassional Sound Tech for bands,Sometimes you need to setup and adjust in “Nascar change the tire for the final lap hurry hurry!” speeds.These stands really cut adjusting/setting up your sound time in half!and most importantly SAFELY!When adjusting a 75lbs speaker while a punk band is goin nuts….that Telelock comes in handy! –Gin Capachinno of Ginetik Audio Visual

Pearl Percussion Pack Trap TableThe latest complement to the Pearl line is the Pearl Pearl Percussion Trap Table Pack. This package features a Pearl trap table that can be mounted to any cymbal stand. It also comes with a Hex Ganza that features a hexagonal shape which produces four distinct pitches. And rounding out the package is a pair of Pearl beaded maracas that feature shekere style beads and foam handles with a fiberglass body. The fiberglass cords with outside beads offer an excellent sound.
Price: $54.95 Buy now!

DiMarzio Instrument Cable (Military Green)DiMarzio Guitar & Instrument Cables are unsurpassed for connecting guitars, basses and keyboards to amps. Exceptionally crisp, clear, quiet and durable, they outperform cables costing much more. They’ve been called “the new industry standard,” and have successfully passed Guitar Player magazine’s “chop” and “jump rope” tests as well as many other torture tests.
Price: $21.95 Buy now!

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